Anderson Poolworks Helps Community Develop Project

During the Summer of 2016 Anderson Poolworks was proud to be a partner in the development of the Culver Splash Park, honoring 10-year old cancer victim Brandon Johnson. Below are letters from the community and project organizers.

On June 19th, 2015 we lost a special 10-year old student to Brain Cancer. The small community of Culver has spent the last year raising funds to erect a splash park in Brandon Johnson’s honor. It is no small feat to try and raise $60,000 for a town of 1300 and we never could have accomplished it without the selfless help of Anderson Poolworks located in Wilsonville.

As we struggled to just get to the $10,000 mark last November, I received a call from Jason Schallock, a project manager for the company. He said they saw our GoFundMe site and they would like to donate to our cause. I thought they might donate a few things. Little did I know the extent of their donation. They took the project in hand, designed the entire splash pad and solicited donations from companies they work with. We broke ground for the project in April and the grand opening and ribbon cutting will be on June 25th at 11:30…just one year after we lost Brandon.

We would be years away from completing this project if it wasn’t for Anderson Poolworks. I don’t know if you ever honor companies but companies are made up of people that choose to do good things. All of the employees have given up their weekends to come over to Central Oregon and work on the construction of our splash pad.

Our entire town is extremely grateful to Anderson Poolworks for the wonderful job they did on our splash pad. We wanted to put a splash pad in our park as a memorial to a 10-year old boy that we lost to cancer in June of 2015. When Anderson Poolworks found out about our project, they donated the design and construction of the splash pad. Employees of Anderson Poolworks including the owner donated their weekends to complete our project. They donated most of the material and also contacted some of their suppliers and encouraged them to donate as well. I am thankful for their unbelievable kindness and generosity every time I drive by our little city park. It would have been years before we could have completed this project on our own. (If ever??!!) Our splash pad was enjoyed by the children of Culver and neighboring towns all summer long! We can never thank them enough for all the donations of expertise, time, money and supplies! There is a special place in Heaven for this company and all their employees!  — Cindy Dix