Pool Resurfacing

When you hire Anderson Poolworks for your swimming pool resurfacing project, you can be certain that you’ve hired the best pool resurfacing team in the Portland, Oregon area!

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Options

We offer several interior swimming pool resurfacing options such as Pebble Tec, Beadcrete, Krystalkrete, Hydrazzo or even traditional white swimming pool plaster, applied per the manufactures specified techniques.

Through ongoing training and certification, we make certain that our team is the absolute best at applying the material of your choice. Swimming pool resurfacing for your  pool or spa will begin with either the removal of the existing surface material through a process of demolition, or by cleaning the existing surface and applying a bond-coat material that allows the new surface to adhere to the pool or spa shell.

New inlet fittings are installed prior to resurfacing a pool, as well as any main drain safety work that is necessary (whether commercial or residential, your safety is our top priority). After the surface has been applied and cleaned, the filling process begins! Being full service swimming pool contractors, we don’t simply end with filling the pool and walk away: we offer the Portland area’s only Certified Service Professional as well as several Certified Pool Operators to help with the critical pool chemistry on initial start-up.

Pool Resurfacing Expertise

Anderson Poolworks team members have been a part of the National Plasters Council for 15 years. This means that when it comes to swimming pools and swimming pool repair, we possess the skills and certifications necessary to apply your chosen pool material to your pool or spa. Anderson Poolworks technicians are constantly trained in the industry’s latest skills, add-mixtures, surface materials, chemistry solutions and techniques.

Dana Anderson, one of the principals of Anderson Poolworks, was a past chairman of the National Plasters Council, and is still active on several research and technical committees. During his time as chairman, Anderson Poolworks was instrumental in the development of the NPC testing facility at Cal-Poly Technical Institution. With this facility, members have the latest findings and protocols available to help ensure that you, the consumer, receive the absolute best product and application possible.

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