Core Values

Our Core Values

At APW, we use our core values to define our priorities in how we choose to show up in business, with our team, customers, and communities.


We view our community and team as a family, and we think and act in ways that reflect this. No one is more important than another, and each person is an integral part in creating success. We look for ways to support one another in the field and office, and treat each other with respect.


We take pride and ownership of our work. From the leadership team to the newest employee, we own our actions. We strive to operate from the knowing that we cannot always control every situation, but we can control how we plan and choose to show up.


We strive for excellence and champion each individual team member’s growth. We are committed to advancing together, through ongoing education, training, and other opportunities to better ourselves. We also promote advancement in our industry worldwide by participating in code and standard development, education programs and collaboration with other leaders.  


Always be aware of our actions on and off the jobsite. Uphold our commitment to efficiency, detail, service, and quality, and know that consistency over time builds and sustains reputation.


We don’t just tell, we show. We believe in our team and abilities, and we exhibit that we’re the industry’s best through our actions and applied knowledge.

‘O Ke Ki ‘ i Wai

The Art of Water

We provide an exceptional level of experience and our APSP Certified staff members will ensure that what size, type or scope of your project is it will be built and completed with an uncommon attention to detail and design, as well as the technical know-how to deliver your project on-time, on budget and to exacting standards.

We believe that our work does not end after your project is completed and we provide startup and after care for all commercial projects.

We utilize and are proud to support “Local” and Union Labor and are signatory to the Laborers’ International Union of North American, Local 368 and the Hawaii Carpenters Union Local 745.

We believe in supporting and providing contributions to charitable organizations and community service projects throughout the Hawaiian Island and in the communities that we serve and this is our Mana ̒o and we generously support:

  • Hawaii Special Olympics
  • Children’s Miracle Network
  • Autism Society of Hawaii

We bring our national experience to projects around the world.

Our Principals sit on various councils and committees:

  • Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (formerly Association of Pool and Spa Professionals)
  • National Swimming Pool FoundationNational Plasterers Council
  • World Waterpark Association
  • Aquatic Animal Life Support and Operators
  • Council For The Model Aquatic Health Code
  • ANSI/ASTM/ICC Standards

Our mission and desire is to share our knowledge, continue to build our strong reputation of professionalism, integrity, collaboration, and to contribute to the growth of the aquatics and recreational wellness construction industry worldwide.

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